For many years I have watched people trying to lose weight and/or gain muscle, whether it be for their own well being or a particular sport. In most cases people just do not know what to do, how to get the results they are looking for, how to eat or where to go for advice. It frustrated me to see people in the gym doing the wrong exercises or just not sticking to the basics when just starting out. They become frustrated, discouraged and usually give up after a few weeks, or even continue on for months with no or little results. Personally, I was trying to build my body for a while before I learned through trial and error what my body needed. From that point on I was able to build muscle, control body fat and was the master of my body. I later became involved in free style martial arts, which demands a great deal of stamina. Once again trial and error led me to the best results to combine weight training, body fat control, proper diet and cardiovascular work.

Through the years I have given advice that helped many people lose weight, build their bodies and improve in sports as well as everyday life.By following my advice and training programs, custom tailored for their bodies and lifestyle, they were able to obtain the results they were looking for. Understanding how their body responded to certain activities, exercises and following an eating plan helped them achieve and keep the goals they desired.

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