"I have been exercising all my life. I was active in sports in both high school and college. In the late 70's I was first introduced to weight training, but never gave it much attention. During the early 80's I began running. It was the quickest way I'd found to get into shape after my first child. Then, for 10 years, I was an aerobics instructor. I became ACE and AFFA certified, and taught at all the local gyms. The schedules began to fight with my schedule after my second child was born. So, back to the running. I've been running for the past 4 years, but I could just never get those last 5 pounds to come off. I started working out at the gym with weights. I had a good idea of what to do, but I needed to check with a pro. I hate to take my precious time meeting with trainers. THAT'S WHEN IT CAME TO ME. Do a search on-line. Find a trainer to ask questions, and to reinforce what I was doing with weights. In comes, Joseph Franco at Natural Diet and Training. I use several suppliments, follow your program that was adjusted to my running habits, and I couldn't be happier. I've shed those last 5 pounds, and my abs are the envy of all. Thanks for all your help. It was just the push I needed. "

- Lori*(Bellmore, NY)

*Last named removed by request after starting her own company

I have never met Joseph Franco in person, but count myself fortunate to have come across his web site on the Internet. I live thousands of miles away, yet, from the first day, Joseph has always responded so promptly to my messages that it has always seemed as if he operates from just next door and as if I am a "personal" client.
Having played various sports to competitive levels, and having done a great deal of reading and experimenting with nutrition and physical training, I was struck by the detail and depth of the information he requested in his sign-up forms before suggesting and initiating a training programme. Being perennially short on hours in my daily schedule, I was seeking ways to maximise my returns on training time through a regulated exercise programme and eating plan.
Joseph immediately picked up on my points of concern, elaborated on issues in relation to which I had further questions, avoided spending time and words on points with which he realised I was familiar. Within literally a matter of days, he established a cardiovascular and free weights training routine and an eating plan with which I could be comfortable. Within weeks, the programme was working its effects as I built muscle tone and reduced adipose tissue mass (and I admit, the results could have been even better if I had been more diligent and strayed less from Joseph's plan!). Furthermore, Joseph has offered encouragement when I have voiced concern with my difficulties in adhering strictly to the programme, alternative exercise plans to cater for particular injuries, different approaches to deal with varying moods and mind frames.
In short, Joseph provides highly personalised services even though he may never have met his clients in person and he offers know-how and caring, the foundations (in my opinion, at least) of a successful trainer-client relationship and of success in any fitness and weight-loss programme.
For anyone seeking results combined with an understanding for the reasons of their success, and the empathy, support, promptness and courtesy of their trainer, I have no hesitation in recommending Joseph's services to you."

- Julie Carter (Montreal, Canada)

"At the beginning of this summer I started a workout program by going to the gym and selecting a set of exercises by observing others in the gym. About a month went by and I found it very easy to do my workout routine, and I was not getting the results I wanted. At this time I started looking around for a way to improve my workout. Luckily I found NDTS. The first thing the trainer asked me was what my goal was. Based on my desires he personally illustrated a set of exercises that have maximized my results. Unlike any other program he was able to give me the one thing I needed, personal attention. Even with his initial workout routine I eventually found a couple of exercises were either too easy or too difficult. But because I have access to him I was able to contact him and he immediately gave me alternate exercises. What I found most useful about this service is having a knowledgeable person available to me at any time for any questions I have about exercise as well as nutrition."

- Ravi Mariathasan, Philadelphia PA

"Thank you for setting up my diet and exercise plan so quickly. Your suggestions were very helpful and easy to understand. You addressed all of my problems and concerns, especially my major concern about toning particular areas. You also let me know why I have been having such problems with dieting and what I can do to change that. I was very interested in your explanation about what happened to my metabolism after my last diet and your suggestions about the vitamins. Your advice was easy to implement and I notice the differences already! "

- Sara Withers, Falls Church VA

"After six months of training on my own I was getting very discouraged because I was not getting significant results. I knew I had the potential, but I just needed some guidance. I first met Joseph in martial arts class. He was in excellent shape compared to the other students. I decided to ask him for some training advice. He became not only a mentor but a friend as well. After training for a month with him I was more happy with those results then I was training six months on my own. His training system is excellent."

- George Draper, Staten Island NY

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