Currently membership to Natural Diet and Training Systems is a two month session. You are more than welcome to join for longer and can renew your membership at any time. During the first session I will provide you with at least one custom tailored routine and a healthy eating plan to start you on the path to achieve your goals. I am available to you through my e-mail address for any advice or questions you may have and of course to monitor your improvements. The rest is up to you. At the end of your session you may choose to continue your training, in which case you will be re-evaluated and a follow-up program will be designed for you. To get started in either the Weight Training Program or the Weight Loss Program just follow the simple directions below.

Step One:

The first thing that I need from you is a complete profile form. The profile form is used for either the Weight Training or the Weight loss Program. Fill out the form as completely as possible. The more information you provide the better I can design your program. Be honest. If there are any questions that do not relate to you or the program you have chosen, just leave it blank. After you have completed the form, click on the submit button. You will then see your completed form.

Step Two:

The second thing that would be extremely useful is a photo of yourself. Best would be three photos: One of your front, back and side. The more of your body I can see the better. If you feel comfortable sending a photo of yourself in a bathing suit, that would be great. Seeing your current body type is a valuable aid in helping me design your custom workout. Once again, this is not mandatory but would be very helpful.

Third and Final Step:

Once you have completed steps one and two, you can now complete the process. Payment can be made with Paypal using the 'PayPal' Button below. We also accept checks and Postal Money Orders, but you will need to contact us first by E-mail. Thats it, you are on your way. I will contact you by phone or E-mail depending on the information supplied, acknowledging the receipt of your information. In a few weeks you will receive your customized diet or training routine. You may prefer to send your payment after I have received your profile form and information. That's fine, but I am sure you understand that I must wait until I actually receive the sign up fee before I can begin working on your program. You can E-mail me at any time to answer any questions.

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